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Set prices so there are no surprises. We want your junk haul experience to be a breeze.

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Our crew handles all the loading and hauling. Just drop off your junk and we'll take care of the rest.

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All junk will be appropriately sorted via recyclables, trash, or donation. We take furniture, appliances, and any other sort of junk.

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Having junk accumulate in your home or commercial facility can be stressful. You know that you should have them removed, but you keep on postponing. It will only ring to you that you should have them removed when they pile too much, and it starts to attract attention. Failure to remove the junk can be due to lack of time. You have some other activities to engage in that you do not find time to have your trash removed. Therefore, you end up piling them in your garage or storeroom. You may also find the task tiresome, especially when they are many, and it involves heavy items. You will then want to entrust the activity with an experienced junk removal service company to ensure all the unnecessary items are eliminated.

About Our Pasadena Junk Removal Service

Do you have junk in your home or business premises and wondering where to take them? You should worry no more. At Pasadena Junk Removal, we provide a wide variety of junk services. Your removal needs might just be in the list of services that we provide. Besides Pasadena, we serve surrounding areas like South Pasadena and Glendale. Our top-rated services and consistency to ensure that our customers are satisfied is the reason behind our enormous growth. Therefore, when you need any of our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we will help you out!

Why You Should Hire Us

There are many reasons to choose Pasadena’s #1 Junk Removal Service

We are dedicated to providing you with the best junk removal service. We serve both residential and commercial facilities. Also, we help in removing junk from construction sites. We have grown to be a reputable company due to the below achievements: 

We are composed of experienced staff that understand the removal process. We would remove the junk regardless of its location; garage, attic, basement, or any other place. You don’t have to get involved since the staff we would send would ensure that the junk is loaded onto our truck. We have been in the industry for a while and better tailor the services as you need them.

We Are Registered
We are also licensed and certified to provide junk management services within Pasadena. When you choose us, you won’t be worried about working with an illegal company. All our staff is trained to offer the best services just with a single call.

Affordable Rates
One of the things that scare away people from looking for a junk company is the cost. We ensure that anyone can access our services. We have, therefore, tailored our services to accommodate all. Our rates are one of the reasons why we have experienced tremendous growth within the town.

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We Care About You

Upfront Payment
When you approach us you will be provided with a quote upfront. We would send two of our staff to come and examine the removal task you present to us. Then, they would provide an estimate depending on the nature of the work. When you agree with the rates, we will embark on the task as soon as you want it.


Emergency Services
We operates on a 24/7 basis. Whenever you enquire about our services, you’ll find an already available customer service that will direct you on the necessary steps to take. You may want your junk removed immediately. Pasadena Junk Removal will be readily available for you, be it at night, weekends, or even holidays.


Variety of Services We Offer

Electronic Waste Removal
We are specialized in managing electronic waste. With a variety of electronic products being produced, millions end up disposed of after being used. However, these materials can be hazardous to the environment. We would look into your electronic waste and find valuable items that can be donated and recycled. Then, the leftovers would be taken to landfills.

Furniture Removal
You may want to discard your old furniture since you have bought new ones. They may be broken, torn, and you no longer need them. Pasadena Junk Removal would see if this furniture is in good shape to donate or discard them to landfills if they can’t be recycled.

Apartment Clean Out
When you are moving, there are some items you may not want to carry along. We would ensure that the apartment is emptied. For instance, for those students who leave their apartments from home, we would ensure that all the junk is removed. Landlords who would want their apartments cleaned out before the next tenant rents are also our clients.

Appliance Removal
There are some appliances that you would want to discard. For instance, when you no longer need your refrigerator, you would call us to have it removed. It may be damaged, and you want it to be removed. Our highly trained staff would ensure that it is removed safely without damaging your home.

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